About John

Dramatic Portraits with a Difference

Image of Randy Cook (Randall William Cook) - An American special effects artist mostly known for The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

About John

Los Angeles Dramatic Portrait Photographer

Focusing on Entertainment, Branding, and Promotional Work Professionals!

” I am a portrait specialist in Los Angeles, although I think of what I do as taking a portrait of your personality. I specialize in enhancing your face and by devoting time to ease you into authentically genuine expressions It is remarkable how subtle movements of your facial muscles can be so expressive. Basically, I capture moments of your soul.

As a result, I am an expert in creating portraits where my clients look strong, cool, and confident. I photograph a moment in time which you quietly demonstrate your strength and dignity to the world.”

– John Calpin

Power portrait created by Justin Bettman
woman in a pink jumper

“I love John’s photography. He has the ability to find the story hidden within his subject, and his use of light adds the drama to their tale. His work reminds me far more of fine art photography than of studio portraiture.”

Ruth Daughters