Portraits with a Difference

Focusing on Entertainment, Branding, and Promotional Work Professionals!

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Focusing on Entertainment, Branding, and Promotional Work Professionals!

Book A Portrait to Get Noticed.

Take a Portrait to Gain Creditability.

Choose a Portrait to Engage your Audience.

Together we’ll Create the best Dramatic Portrait that tells your Unique Story.

Portrait of Rick Baker Actor and Special Effects make-up artist posing with a sculpture of a Gorilla.

Do you Want to be Seen Differently from the Rest?

Do you want a Portrait that draws Attention, creates Intrigue and above all gets you Noticed?

Well, I’m here to do just that. I’m John a Los Angeles based portrait specialist and I’ve chosen to work with professionals like you because I have the skills and experience to help you really stand out from the crowd.

I’ve worked in the motion picture industry for over 25 years in visual effects and I understand how important it is to have a strong presence online and in print. I also know how to capture the qualities and expressions that will send the right messages to your audience.

This portrait sitting will be all about YOU.

Portrait of Louis Lambie
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Portrait of Dave Grasso

A Powerful Dramatic Portrait should Empower you and Engage those around you.

Most individuals are a bit hesitant having their portrait taken. When you sit for a portrait with me, there is no time limit. I devote our time to ease you into authentically genuine poses and expressions so the final portrait(s) display how you want the world to see YOU.

Each portrait I create is totally unique, no one else can have your portrait or your style, it’s created entirely for you.

Be different from the rest of your network.
Stand-out on Social Media and draw attention to your profile.
Create a Headshot that is powerful and oozes confidence.
Have the portrait that others want, but can't have.
Dramatic Portrait of Steve Johnson

Three Simple Steps to creating your Dramatic Portrait.

Schedule your Session: Just click “Book Now” to see my schedule (or call me if you prefer) – I’ll tell you what to bring and how to prepare for your session.

Show Up: And leave the rest to me – I’ll make sure you look great and provide all the tips, tricks, and coaching you need to create your high impact portrait.

Choose your Portrait(s): Choose your favorite images at the end of the session with my expert, objective advice, and you will have the images within a week.

Dramatic Portrait of a Man holding a mirror and looking into the mirror.
Portrait of Connie Criswell maker of wigs/hairpieces, realistic bodies and hairy monsters

I’m John, and I am here to create a Portrait that tells your unique story.

I’m a Portrait Specialist in the Los Angeles area with a background of 25 years in photography and motion picture visual effects. I don’t shoot weddings, real estate, newborns, pets or any other genre of photography.

Photographing a person’s face is a passion of mine and the truth is–you want to make a strong impression.

As a result, I am an expert in creating an exceptional portrait where my clients look powerful and purposeful, with a flair for the cinematic. I capture a moment in time in which you demonstrate your unique qualities to the world.

You understand the importance of the image you want to project. You have reviewed my portraits, noticed the difference and said, “I want John to do that for me.” Let’s work together to create a successful portrait of YOU!



Personally Powerful Photography;


Created with an Evocative and Skilful Eye;


Dramatic Portraits;

John Calpin


Power portrait created by Justin Bettman

“ John is warm, direct, and has a wonderful eye. Our session was completely painless and no one has ever taken better pictures of me

Ray Shaffer

John not only captures a beautiful photo, but he lets the viewer get a sense of the subject’s personality, which I have witnessed by the many photographs he has taken over the years. He is a true artist that captures and shares this gift!

Scott Stoddard

“ Mr John Calpin isn’t just a Portrait Photographer; he is more like a sorcerer – looking into his lens as if it were a magical scrying glass that admits him access to the inner soul of his subject. He then uses his mystical artistic powers to capture and reflect that vision within his sublime work, illustrating a profound truth for the lucky viewers in his audience.

Glenn Hetrick

“ You, Sir, have a talent! With the camera and with your ability to make people feel at ease. Thank you for taking my portrait and making me feel comfortable in front of the lens… trust me, that’s not easy!!! I enjoyed the experience and that really does come down to YOU

Clare Mulroy

I’ve had the privilege of working with John several times. He’s efficient and always has a well-thought-out direction unique to each client, coupled with the technical expertise to see the vision through to the end.

Ross Tallent

John Calpin instantly made me feel at ease for an effortless photo session (on my part at least), fast and fun, and I was really impressed with the results. John’s work really brings out character, and especially in black and white, the texture of the photography reminds me of Ansel Adams’ work. He made me look smart and important and I couldn’t be happier with the experience.

Jeff Bond

“ John Calpin is an exceptional photographer. His professional use of photography techniques and tools,  his own distinctive artistic approach,  effortlessly helps him develop the truthful characters of each individual model. These qualities make him a real artist. 

Arshak Nazarian

John has mastered the art and science of photography. He approaches each sitting with authenticity and a vision. I consider his portraits to be among the very, very best. John Calpin is a great guy and a true artist, and it’s always fun to watch him work his magic. 

Mike McCracken

Striking power headshot of a man with a magnifying glass over his eye

Have a photography need? Tell us all about the photographs you would like to get.

Portrait of Ross Talent
Headshot of Ross Tallent for his testimonial and profile image
Portrait of Mark Viniello
Portrait of Mark Viniello
Portrait of Ross Talent
Headshot of Ross Tallent for his testimonial and profile image
Portrait of Mark Viniello
Head and shoulders photo of Jesse Gee

Simple Pricing and Convenient Scheduling from $450

• Dramatic Portrait Sitting $450

• No Time Limit in the Studio

• Unlimited Clothing Changes

• All the Information and Tips you need before the Session

• One-on-One Advice when selecting the Images you want

• Professional Retouched Images

The first image is included within the Session Fee.  Additional images are available to purchase after the session for $100 each.


Increase your online presence and stand out from the competition.

I limit my bookings for portraits to one session per day.

I obviously am not going to keep you any longer than necessary, because I know you’re busy. There’s also no reason to rush, because we both know nobody is booked right after your session.

Getting a portrait isn’t something you do every day, that’s why I believe each person deserves the time and attention they need to create a portrait that fits their need.

Book Your Session

At the present time, I am only offering weekend portrait sessions. To avoid disappointment, please use my online booking calendar to reserve your spot. – BOOK NOW